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Just got diagnosed with Hiv last week at the age of 19. The

Just got diagnosed with Hiv last week at the age of 19. The idea itself is making me depressed and lost at the moment up to the point that I'd rather sleep all day. Even mood changes from time to time. It just sucks. A consequence for me to carry for all my short comings. But I still kinda look on the positive side. And if everything goes well my treatment with start this week. Tho from time to time I feel depressed.

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Jul 12


Marathemoabite's picture
Jul 13

I am so sorry for your diagnosis but I still think you can have a full life. I am not an optimist by any means but I know that nothings lasts forever and this too will pass. For all we know a cure may be created soon. Idk but i’d rather think positively than not.

Jul 26

I am sorry, it is a terrible disease but it is manageable. Remind yourself that everyone has a cross to bare and this is yours. This is the Outlook I took. I have been poz for 19 years now. My brother who is not poz is dealing with something much worse and now cure. Be strong and rest assured that there are people cooping with something much worse. Don't let this define you. Best wishes.


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