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Why does it seem like some people in this world thrive in hu

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Why does it seem like some people in this world thrive in hurting people? When they do, do they feel better about themselves just because? Well I am sick and tired of it. I'm tired of all the dissapointment and sourness. Just the other day I was called n*gga and mexican trash multiple times. Yes I am a mix and have different skin but that does not make me different what so ever. Where I live now had no problem with my skin and how I talk until now. I curse a lot. I have always cursed because I was taught that it was ok. One kid is offended by it even though he curses more than me, and when he called me those racist names I was about to show him what a n*gga like me could do. If someone wasn't there to calm me down I swear to god that I would have hit the little b*tch.

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Jun 13

they do that because they have learned its easy to bury how they feel about themselves by putting others down, and thereby shifting any focus off of their own shortcomings, including their focus


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