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So I've been researching different weight loss programs. Jen

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So I've been researching different weight loss programs. Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Weight Watchers. I see mixed reviews on how they work. And how they taste. I don't want to start one and can't stand the food. Has anybody tried these? Which one was easy to follow, tasted good, and worked the best. Thanks in advance.

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May 31

@panny12 no problem! hope that worked out. I do the old fashioned exercise and portion control thing.

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Jun 1

Yeah, just trying to figure it all out. I won't be doing Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem, they are way to expensive. I might do WW at some time.

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Jun 3

I liked Jenny Craig, and I remember I lost like 13 lbs in one month. I stopped after that because I had to save money for something else but I liked it. However, it's a quick way of losing the weight but it does shrink your stomach so once you're off it you'll feel the need to eat less.


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