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I am in pain almost all day from a hit and run car accident

I am in pain almost all day from a hit and run car accident that resulted in me having back surgery. I also have nerve pain running down my left leg. The pain meds that I am on don;t work that well anymore. What can I do to help myself with the pain.

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May 16

Welcome and there are a lot of natural things that can help you. Turmeric, Magnesium spray, CBD/THC Oil, Tens unit, Kratom, yoga. I know I did write a lot but I do have so much more I do it naturally because the Drs. just don't give out pain meds. now a days. Also try to post in the back pain group the moderator of the group has wonderful exercises for the back and so many of us on the site have used them and it has helped so much. No sure what to do about the nerve pain I had it to and had back surgery and it did work. I know that Cymbalta and Lyrica help with nerve pain. Are you taking or doing anything for the pain right now?

May 16

Sorry you have been struggling so much with pain. Some days are terribly hard. Find yourself a comfy area that you can relax in, surround yourself with pillows and make sure to keep a pillow for your left leg. I had lumbar back surgery years ago, you need massage, heat, ice and pillows to relief some of that crazy pain. Good Luck, we are here for you.


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