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[RELEASED]: 2017
Album Name: The Meetings of the Waters
ARTIST: Fionn Regan
[GENRE] Pop/Rock
[BIT RATE]: Mp3 320kbps

01. The Meetings of the Waters
02. Cormorant Bird
03. Turn the Skies of Blue On
04. Cape of Diamonds
05. Book of the Moon
06. Babushka-Yai Ya
07. Ai
08. Wall of Silver
09. Euphoria
10. Up into the Rafters
11. Tsuneni Ai


The Meetings of the Waters is the new cd by Fionn Regan, set to be released in 2017. The tracks of the elegant edition album is preceding, with many tracks, many offering other great artists together with the main artist. You can down load the album for free in the site linked to in this post. Installing is absolutely free, along with others albums available at the website web page, check it out for other excellent downloads and album water leaks. This album has lost about a week before it is release, downloadable in go and rar format, that contains the MP3 files for the enjoyment. Get the new Fionn Regan album, The Meetings of the Waters, right now as a totally free music download, listen free-of-charge right now. You can unrar or maybe unzip the file on your pc or device and perform the music on any unit, be it your PC, Mac, mp3 player, iPhone, Android phone or anything else. What are you waiting for? Click the button listed below!


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