What keeps me going sometimes is knowing that there's no suc

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What keeps me going sometimes is knowing that there's no such thing as getting weaker, you only get stronger and stronger. There are difficult moments, but just moments.
I think this is a good thought, when you're feeling like there is no escape, or no future, or that you will never get better.

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13 hours ago

So true I love your outlook on this. We all have difficult moments going thru anything but they never last that's what more people have to realize. When I went thru my divorce I really never thought it would end and never thought I would feel happy again but I made it and yes it has been 9 yrs but I am happy and over the stress. Thanks for sharing this with the group. xo

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4 hours ago

@Jennipain Thank you for saying that. I hope people realize there is a future when they're feeling wrong.

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2 hours ago

I hope this is true. I feel pretty week and broken right now.


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