Quote: "A Narcissist can go a long way on very little conne

Quote: "A Narcissist can go a long way on very little connection"
I heard this throughout my time of healing so I am not claiming credit.

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Mar 22


Deal with each, one at a time. My counselor told me I was stuffing my childhood memories and adult traumas into my backpack as quickly as possible and then carrying it around until the next something had to be stuffed into the pack. Geez....I have a lot of backpacks...Lol! I am learning to take each one, recognize it, validate, grieve it, let it go. The backpacks are getting lighter. You are on the path and yes, it may take some time, but you will feel the burden lifting.


@Discernment interesting, my counselor told me I'm like Eustace from the Chronicles of Narnia that turned into a dragon and she is aslan. I have to be descaled one at a time and I can't do it myself. After 12 years of abuse I need help and that is what she is there for to descale me one by one. I kind of like the backpack analogy as it's a different perspective thank you

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Apr 8


You are welcome. And your counselor is correct. We cannot do this alone. De-escalation is a process. You do not want to run through it too fast. Same as my backpacks, I don't want to go through them so fast I leave something in their that needs to be dealt with...you are doing so good and I am so looking forward to your new outlook! It will be amazing! You will see.


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