Quote: "A Narcissist can go a long way on very little conne

Quote: "A Narcissist can go a long way on very little connection"
I heard this throughout my time of healing so I am not claiming credit.

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21 hours ago

@Discernment Thank you, your words mean a lot to me. I don't know why this healing is taking so long with me. I think I have some deep unresolved issues from childhood that I have to deal with.

20 hours ago

@CubanSpecial That's what it does. Narcissitic abuse is a double whammy: it hurts in and of itself, but it also reopens those childhood wounds. I'm trying to look at it as an opportunity to heal: the silent treatments open our abandonment wounds, and the abuse makes us feel that we aren't worthy of love. But we are worthy of love, and this is our chance to love ourselves and resolve those childhood issues once and for all. It's not easy. I have good days and bad days, but it hurts like hell either way. I just keep telling myself that if I put in the work, I'll be stronger. I like to think we all will be stronger and perhaps better off in the long run because of this experience, as painful as it is and as unfair as it seems sometimes. Hang in there!

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16 hours ago


Deal with each, one at a time. My counselor told me I was stuffing my childhood memories and adult traumas into my backpack as quickly as possible and then carrying it around until the next something had to be stuffed into the pack. Geez....I have a lot of backpacks...Lol! I am learning to take each one, recognize it, validate, grieve it, let it go. The backpacks are getting lighter. You are on the path and yes, it may take some time, but you will feel the burden lifting.


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