I am a grown woman who picked for years. I ended up getting


I am a grown woman who picked for years. I ended up getting a blocked lymph gland from all the inflammation and now I am in a doctor's care. It is draining now but it feels like my head weighs too much and I can feel it draining all the time. My doctor even sent me for a CT scan but it was "unremarkable." She believes I did unblock it and that is why I'm having these sensations, and why my scalp started healing so quickly after it started. It is like the back of my head has shrunk and it turned out that I had about a million ingrown hairs. She has me treating it and I really think I'm cured of the picking and pulling. (Yeah, I'm in that support group too) and that I'm hypersensitive to what is going on in my body (and everything else). She says it probably won't stop until my scalp is well. I am thinking of going to massage therapist for lymphatic disorders. She also doubled my Lexapro and put me on hydroxine. It doesn't help with the sensations but it is making me a little less panicky. I want to share my story because I didn't tell my doctor for years -- I tried dermatologists who were strangers but never my own doctor. I don't think it would have ever healed if I hadn't opened that gland but now it is healing. But please, don't go here. Talk to your doctors, get the help you need, and don't let shame stop you from doing the right thing. If I had done that years or even a couple of decades ago, I wouldn't be in this state right now.

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Feb 20

Wow, I am so glad you are getting treatment and finally are being honest about your health!


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