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Yesterday some kind of officer came to our door asking quest


Yesterday some kind of officer came to our door asking questions about the neighbor I suspect my narc husband is having an affair with. He had a sheriff's badge on his chest but he wasn't in a uniform. So I suspect he was a truant officer because after he asked all kinds of questions he then said some neighbors were worried about a girl that wasn't in school or something. But I never even saw a teenage girl living there at that house. It's so like my husband to involve himself with weird people in trouble with the law. He always does.

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Nov 13

There are no rules for Narcs. They will break all of them because these rules are boundaries. There are no boundaries for the narc King/Queen. Do not ever assume that they follow any rules.

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Nov 13

@Jack007 My ex drives that way too. Wild, speeds, cuts people off for following the laws of the road and screams at them, death threats, drives drunk too. My sister is the nosey person calling the cops on everyone. CPS too.

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Nov 13

My husband actually got someone to pull over years ago. It was before I knew him, but I've heard the story from a friend of ours. He got mad at what they were doing and pulled up alongside them and yelled at them to pull over, and then he went up to their car and told them they could've killed someone. I was in the car the time my husband started to walk up to a car in a McDonalds drive thru because she accidentally cut the line. She took down his license plate and then the cops were waiting for us about 20 miles out of that town, and we had to explain our side of the story. She had followed us very erratically while speeding so she got talked to as well, but definitely a situation that could've been avoided.


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