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Yesterday he called me work and had a friend call my work,

Yesterday he called me work and had a friend call my work, and text my old roommate. He's trying to get his bike title. I told him to send me 50.00 for it and once I received it, I would mail it to him. Why hasent he sent the money and trying to get a hold of me... i was shaking at work and lost my brain. I didn't talk to him though, I had a co worker send him to voice mail...

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Aug 10

It may not be the bike title that he truly wants. It does provide an excuse for him to try to contact you. What keeps him from applying for a duplicate title? If the bike is his, all he has to say is I lost the title.

Lostmyselfinhim's picture
Aug 11

@Ducktape it was in my name. Its done. I gave the title to his dad yesterday. I havent heard a word. Thats all he wanted.

Aug 11



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