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Yesterday afternoon I went to meet with an attorney to discu

Yesterday afternoon I went to meet with an attorney to discuss divorce. My husband and I do not have children together which is a plus. As much as I want to rid my life of this person, I feel very sad and confused today about my marriage. Did anyone else experience feeling like this?

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Oct 9

So. Oddly enough after posting on the 7th about having peace by staying with my parents. I actually got all of the clarity that I need to stop second guessing myself. Turns out my husband has been seeing " escorts" and arranging meetings with them. I have all the proof. He admitted to talking to them but of coarse he says it never went further than that ...lol yeah right. He is totally busted. I am sad. I am hurt. But I will be ok. I am grateful to have found out the truth because while I would.have followed through with the divorce, I would have always second guessed myself. He is a very sad man. I never imagined something like this. But I'm not surprised

Oct 9

@lulusmom2019 I'm so sorry. It really hurts when you discover this. But having clarity is great. Mine was the same but for ages he managed to make me feel it was my fault. That I was too judgemental, that's *normal* to be experimental because that's what adults do. It broke me. Stay strong stay focused stay true to yourself

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Oct 10

No. Once I made the final decision I didn't look back and the less contact I had the better. Let the harem keep his sorry lying arse.


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