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With a perfect smile between soft spoken words He offered

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With a perfect smile between soft spoken words
He offered me to take his arm
Kind and attentive and glad I had met
This man with such luring charm

Filled with excitement each time that we meet
He wonders where I've been all his life
My feet in the air as he sweeps me away
To become his beloved wife

Honeymoon sharing each other entwined
Warm and gentle his touch and kiss
Willing and ready to tend to my needs
As he swoons me into a bliss

Then back at home with daily routine
Some days not even a hug
Time being spent more and more apart
Feeling swept underneath the rug

Hiding the money to save he would say
Dining out now was ordering in
Secrets he'd keep and games he would play
And mock you with gnarly grin

His smile is gone and his words are now harsh
I get called every name in the book
I can't seem to do anything right
As he glares at me with that look

My head is spinning with all the deceit
Everything that he said has been lies
A promise of life full of love and content
Is something he now denies

Is he out of control or am I under his
I'm confused and I cannot think straight
How can this man who loved me so much
Be filled with so much hate

Had I been fooled or could he be ill
I needed to help if I could
Each step I'd tread ever so light
And tried to always be good

He loved the attention and all my concern
And agreed to some therapy
It didn't take long once we were there
That the tables were turning on me

As normal and charming in every way
I couldn't believe what he said
That I was the one that needed the help
And that something was wrong in my head

So I took to the books and started to read
I found his condition exists
And then all the pieces fell into place
I had married a Narcissist

I realized that he will never change
I'd go crazy if I didn't leave
So I turned to my friends and family
But they found it too hard to believe

They were under his spell of manipulation
I was empty and sad and alone
My world had been turned all upside down
By a man I thought I had known

A need to find others who understood
And to listen without criticism
And lead you away from all of the pain
You endured from his Narcissism

A place of peace and encouragement
And guidance as I recoup
Comforting words and warm support
So grateful to all in this group

Let all his demons keep feeding him
In his world he cannot resist
I'm going to move on to a better place
One without any Narcissist

There's a reason for everything I am told
And why I am now set free
There is someone out there with a heart and a soul
With true love that awaits for me

So I'll dry up my tears and comb my hair
Need to hurry so I don't miss
The one thing that only I can give
And that is my own happiness

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Aug 11

So beautiful

StillStandingMF's picture
Aug 13

I just read this...speechless.


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