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November 19th, 2020


Why am I longing for my narcissistic ex back? He did so many

Why am I longing for my narcissistic ex back? He did so many aweful things but I can’t help love him and wishing he would call. Logically this isn’t what I want. I wish I wasn’t so sad and missed him so much

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Jul 31

Logic and love are so different, you long for him because he was your guy, we can't help but still want the fairy tale we told ourselves was going to be forever.

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Jul 31

Keep up the no contact. It will prove to be the best thing you ever did. I have zero regrets about escaping the narc of the century. Life gets better to the point that you'll sound like me one day sooner than you think. It's been 11 years now for me and I still sing the praises of being narc free and so happy. I was miserable with that abusive monster. It will get better, way better! Hugs.


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