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What are some of the red flags that you did not see in the b

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What are some of the red flags that you did not see in the beginning of your relationship with the narc that you realize now?

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May 14, 2019

@kelly72 It is amazing that we all dated or were married to grown men children isn't it? All the juvenile behavior I witnessed. That alone should have been enough for me to leave.

May 14, 2019

@zee4ward Hahaha! Right.. I just can't. I guess they just enjoy their chaos. All of it.

May 14, 2019

He lied to me from day one, about everything. I was up front with him, telling him why i had been single for 5 years and why i ended my previous relationship with an alcoholic. I would not be with another one. He SWORE he was not one, never had a problem.... and then proceeded to spend 5 or more nights in a bar every week from that point on. Knowing that - I now realize every word that came out of his mouth for 5 1/2 years was a lie. Other red flags include: Never taking ownership of his own choices - everything was my fault. Not staying with me while my brother was dying - but disappearing on a 3 day drinking binge because he was jealous i didn't choose him over my brother. Starting fights in a bar or at home in order to make me leave or not go along with him - most likely so he could cat around.
Coming home drunk all hours of the night to wake me up and start yelling at me and demanding i get out of his house. When I would start grabbing some of my things to leave, he would start promising the moon and stars and everything in between to get me to stay. I should have known long before I let myself realize it. and I should have left long before it got as bad as it did. It makes me sad to this day at how much of my heart and time and energy i gave him.... to stomp on and abuse and toss aside like garbage.

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