Well...I'm getting ready to start training for my new job to

Well...I'm getting ready to start training for my new job today. There are a million different thoughts and emotions. Being forced into extreme change has been very challenging. Although I knew I'd have to get back to work after surgery...I didn't think my whole life would implode. Although I'm still serving..this job does things very differently than what I've ever done. It's alot of pressure in general. I pray that I will catch on. When I get back I'll check back in. I'll be having you guys in the back of my head while trying to navigate this. Thanks for all the support, you guys are great!!

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Sep 13

QTIP, Quit Taking It Personally, easier said than done. We are all human and are prone to making mistakes. The key here, and I say key because it is very important, you realize what you did, you have remorse and you will learn form this. The people that have sent us to this site will never know any of the aforementioned. Keep your head high, chest out and take pride in your new work role and environment.

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Sep 13

@romazicon8 I'm definitely focusing on work. I screamed so loud at my wife I didn't recognize the sounds coming out of me. It was a good release, but I shouldn't have done it. We are only human at the end of the day. Going over some more work stuff as we speak lol

Sep 13

The best thing to do, is just relax and have fun with the new job. Keep happy and positive thoughts to keep the pressure off.


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