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Well it’s become more apparent to me that my ex narc now h

Well it’s become more apparent to me that my ex narc now has new supply. It shouldn’t bother me after 6 months apart but the lies bother me. ‘If I can’t have you then there will be no one else’ ‘it’s you or noone’ ‘there is no one else’ ‘ I have nothing to hide’. I know that he does and I know from his behaviour he has. He didn’t mind pursuing me for as long as it took.....until new supply has come along. The good thing to come from this is it confirmed that he is 100% narc. I can draw a line under it now as difficult as it may be. I’m fed up of people thinking I should be over it all by now and making me feel like unjust in feeling depressed. I am depressed I feel very low but I know now there is one way to go and that is up even if it takes some time. This chapter can now end. I just don’t want to think about them together.

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Feb 12

@Narcfree17 nothing brings on the hate and anger like the new supply. It’s so painful it can totally consume you. It was horrible at first, I wanted to crawl away and hide forever.
When we first broke up, he was so sorry, o the bs I listened to about how he’s so sorry. He took all the blame, apologized for not fixing himself, the whole 9 yards.
Knowing that I was seriously thinking at the time WOW, he GETS it, he didn’t get anything. He already had a new gf. I know now that he only did that to Hoover me to a point of “waiting”. I’d be there down the road if he ended things sweetly . I told him to stick it all in his ear and discarded him, sending him into another rage. I paid for it , my heart broke all over again, he was crueler than ever, rubbing the new supply in my face and calling me worthless. he was officially making out on the street w her the next day. Shes since moved in and she’s all up in narc heaven right now. She’s playing mommy and wife, she’s filling his every need. But she’s human, she will not be able to keep it up, she won’t be enough either and she will pay dearly for not being a good enough supply anymore, just as I did.
I honestly have no doubt about that as I type it to you. I guess that’s why I feel better these days . It’s not Because I’m mean and I wish someone else my same traveled path, I wouldn’t ever wish that on anyone. But because I don’t take it personally anymore , I do feel better. It’s so abnormal what they do. His last Hoover was nov 19... it’s feb and he LIVES WITH THIS GIRL? Come on, how bad could I really let that make me feel..... it’s so sad for him, so sad for her but not for me. I’m out. I’m zero source of supply and he knows it, as I will never contact, respond or acknowledge his existence ever again.
And that is where our power is at !!
Hang in there and find your power :)

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Feb 13

@Ducktape I am no contact and the only way I will get through this is not to hear from him now despite me calling him all the names under the sun for not trying. It’s not been a good day, I’ve cried to two people today and it’s made me see even more enough is enough. I don’t want to be that sad person who noone wanted to talk to. I’m going to write a list tonight of the pros and cons and I know there will be a huge list of cons to help. Accept is my word from now on, accept the relationship didn’t work, accept it will never work. Whether is was or wasn’t a full narc (I do think he is one) my life needs to move forward. I need to be open to new people now or he will always win. Sometime told me today that each time I cry or feel low to imagine him sitting laughing at what he has done to me to make me feel like this and that will help me have less times like that. It is still amazing how they don’t give a s**t when they have moved on!

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GirlKitty's picture
Feb 13

I'm happy for you staying no contact, you're showing great strength! To me, narcs are like addicts/alcoholics, having one bottle or one drug is not enough, there needs to be more. Narcs have to collect multiple supplies in case one 'runs out'. Like you and I need oxygen, narcs need a supply.


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