Urg it's morning again! Woke up to that same panic, heart po

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Urg it's morning again! Woke up to that same panic, heart pounding out my chest... he's the first person I think of... the first person I want to pick up my phone and speak to. No doubt he will have replaced doing that by now with others!!! I feel like tearing all my hair out its so frustrating. Not being able to speak to him is what kills me the most!!

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Feb 17, 2017

@freeofcrazypants Hi. It will in the end. I know it's hard now. It takes a long time to get better. I'm not there yet although I have to see my ex everyday so it's really difficult to get over it. Probably the first six months after I found out he was a narc all I was is angry. I didn't see how it was going to get better. I took strength from the people on here that have lived through this and found their way to the other side. I hope you can find that strength too. I'm sorry it doesn't help you.

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Feb 17, 2017

@lavenda sorry to hear that...we are in the same boat...I felt safe knowing we had been thru similar things and found each other..little did I know theblies and verbal abuse I was in for after the first year was over... I couldn't get why be so great for a year, see the potential we had , then throw it away to 12 years of this nasty game

Feb 18, 2017

@Ch3ryl1308 .....You are not pathetic....dont put yrself down like that. You and us on here have been threw hell. Be more easier on yrself.


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