ugh I got away from him I did no contact I block him from my

ugh I got away from him I did no contact I block him from my whole life. Now he wanting me back a whole year later. Yeah I know he a narcissist and they usually try to do that to gain back control I know that but why can’t I take this dumb love out my heart for him I know it sound dumb like how do u love a person who would drag u thru hell and back but I do love him I mean it different this time because I know what he is I know what he do to people like me so I know I could never be with him or fix him but how do I make these feeling go. I can’t stop thinking of him In good ways and also bad but I just want the though of him gone

Jan 14, 2020

Its common to feel like you do. But love is not enough unfortunately. It matters very much how someone treats you.

Gela's picture
Jan 15, 2020

I know how you geel,I'm sitting here unable to sleep again. All because I know nothing will ever change and yet I still havend left. Look on the bright side,you are removed from the abuse and manipulation


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