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Two weeks away from the narcissist and 2 days no contact. Wh

Two weeks away from the narcissist and 2 days no contact. Why do I feel so awful!!! I have not slept in 2 days. Why do I feel so bad???!!! I feel like I miss him. The first couple of days were great and with lots of energy. But lately, I have been feeling really bad. The narcissist has been blaming me for breaking our home and separating him from his child (he can see the baby at my moms every day from 3-6). Nonetheless, I cannot avoid to feel guilty... What is going on? When would this end?? PLEASE HELP!!!

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Dec 12

@mmadwaite Stay Strong!!! I found a youtube channel on emotional freedom technique. Let me know if you would like to take a look. I can pass it along.

Dec 12

It's natural to feel guilty, our mothering instinct to protect but he's an adult and not acting like one. Move on...I promise you it will not get better if you stay. I've lived like this for 50 years and when I think "he gets it", I'm proven wrong. They just have a need to tick you off over one thing or another, they create situations to start an argument, says the most stupid things that make no sense and you wonder where they come from. You will feel better after awhile when you understand there is nothing you can do for this overgrown child, if you can start a new life, new beginnings, that's great, tough but great. I would not, WOULD NOT give him access to my child without supervision, make sure your Mom understands this, your child's school. If a judge gave him consent to see his son without supervision, I'd disappear so fast. A friend of mine lost her 6 year old when the father took her to a cottage in the winter, he was an alcoholic yet he had parental visitation rights, while he was drinking, she went on the ice and drowned, this is so wrong....Stay strong, I beg of you.....

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Dec 13

@ikp1986 if you feel like you aren't safe anymore, you have every right to get a restraining order to protect yourself and your child. If he's following you, that's a very big red flag. Document everything and try to get pictures, videos, etc and save text messages and emails. Make sure you tell your mom and friends about this. Be safe!


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