Thursday I see my attorney alone to settle our final financi

Thursday I see my attorney alone to settle our final financials after the divorce. After then should I just walk away forever change number, emails and forget the last 23 years? Or should I at least extend a friendship and keep an emergency contact line open? We have no children together. Forgetting someone after 23 years is tough and she told me to "never forget her". What's the worst that will happen if I extend a friendship from your experiences in which I value very much.

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Jul 17

No children, no ties is how I feel, especially with a narc. 23 years is a long time to decide whether or not you want someone in your life, whether you're willing to make it work. I think you know what conclusion to draw. It's a tough one but will serve you so much more than your marriage ever did.

Jul 17

They use it to keep you emotionally engaged yes.i would say don't do it.

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Jul 17

@Anthony26 I was with Heidi for only 18 months when said and done in August. What she did and said to me, my children my mother is inexcusable. I will never be her friend. It is very sad, I know you are sad as well. I cant imagine 23 yrs with someone who then does what they did to you. Personally I would wash and sterilize my hands of her and rejoice in your new life. I know it sux, it really sux but this is how we stay healthy is by no contact. They stay healthy by continuing to contact us, its such a game.


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