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This is such a hard fight. I know now, without a doubt, that

This is such a hard fight. I know now, without a doubt, that my ex is a narcissist and that he used and abused me for a long time. I am glad he's out of my life, and I know I deserve better and need to heal and stop playing his sick mind games. But every day I'm tempted to contact him in the hopes that he has "seen the light" or that I can get through to him somehow. Or I wait for him to just show up at my doorstep and beg forgiveness and swear he's changed. This is so consuming! I am being very unproductive at work and am very distracted all the time. I wish there was an off switch.

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Mar 20, 2017

@BitByLandShark wow, the final staw that pushed me the first time I walked away from him for 4 months was when my dog was sick with cancer and he couldn't make time for me to talk when I needed him. After I got home from the vet after putting her down, I called him sobbing, ofcourse he had me blocked on one of his silent treatments, so I had to leave a voice mail.....I told him what happened. He never replied. A few days later I said something to him about how cruel he was that he couldn't reach out.... ..he replied....oh I didn't know you had put her down. I said I left you a voice mail...he said I deleted it without listening to it.

This is how he was abusive.

Don't be so sure that wedding will happen...and if it does, she is going to be another victim of his. She isn't getting anything.

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Mar 20, 2017


Evil Narc plead for help and understanding through your most sorrowful moments and they spit in your face. This is nothing new though. Historical evidence shows these Things are Evil and have no empathy or remorse. I am so sorry about your puppy....they are like family.

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Mar 20, 2017

@Stonewalled first of all let me say sorry about your doggy. Nothing is worse than the loss of our beloved furry family. Mine had cancer too. Cancer sucks! I cant believe your narc did something so evily similar. At the time I felt bad that I was selfish not respecting his migraine and just "let it go" the next day. People who knew me well were like wtf is wrong with you, your animals are everything to you, how could you let that go?

The original wedding was supposed to be Feb and he claimed she gave the ring back and called it off. That was right before I stopped talking to him. Doubt theyd call it off a second time. Dont know what the hurry to get married is. Before the mask slips?


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