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The DM has resorted to sending private pics of me to my work

The DM has resorted to sending private pics of me to my work phone. Now I have to explain to work why I need a new # before THEY find the pics. I wound up with a narc who can't take NO for an answer and now I'm caught in a nightmare. God, I feel for the poor sap-ette that will be his next victim. He keeps this up it might be his cellmate.

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@Tandsk Yes. I've thought of that. They r a great company. I've also considered leaving that job, as I will be starting school full time in a month.

Aug 11

You know, I kept trying to apply logic while dealing with these characters (marvels of modern science, lol.) They are all perfect for the new space branch of the military, let's ship them out of here. I couldn't understand that no contact not only takes care of everything but it's the ultimate pay back. We are not acknowledging that they exist. Within them is an empty void. All they have is a false self and we are failing to see it. No matter what they try to do, it doesn't affect us. They have value and significance because we give it to them. It doesn't come from within. He exists only if you acknowledge that he does. I would suppose he is growing desperate to find supply, which means he will be making huge mistakes. His mask will continue to slip. It's a dangerous period so be aware of your surroundings. As soon as he finds a viable source, someone to feed him, the risk will decline. He won't be done though. A lot depends on their intelligence. A lot of their games are learned in the sandbox, but the smarter ones have more sophisticated games. If you stay with no contact, regardless, he will drift away for long periods of time, years.

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Aug 11

@Cindysmilesagain if they are a great comply, probably will help you out.


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