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So this morning i woke up happy for the first time since Thu

So this morning i woke up happy for the first time since Thursday (when he broke up with me). I went to the gym, did a bunch of stuff for myself and was actually feeling okay about everything.. and of COURSE, I get a text from his cousin “checking in” ugh

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Feb 14, 2018

Don't feed the animals!

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Feb 14, 2018

@romazicon8 , that Troy character sounds a little psycho. To be honest, is feel bad for someone who lands up dating my ex. I know the pain I went through and I would never wish that on any one. I think the main thing is that you out of there and you have managed to get your kids out of that environment as well. From here on it’s all about recovery. **** man, that is ALL pretty F****ed up.

romazicon8's picture
Feb 14, 2018

@TreborH Thanks for the sentimet!! I agree, it's all pretty $$$$$$ up. Probably has to do with all the inbreeding here, lol. I'm not sure though if I'm being facetious or not.


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