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November 19th, 2020


So the narc recently stole my sunglasses and lied about it.


So the narc recently stole my sunglasses and lied about it. What's so stupid about it was I found out when his other ones broke and I offered him my older ones because I bought a new sunglasses not long ago. So what's there to lie about. Eye roll. These people are so ridiculous and petty it's pathetic. Not long ago I also found out he was rifling through my purse. So what happened was I had my license in my purse but I didn't have time to put it in the space in my checkbook wallet for my ID. So I tucked it in my checkbook for later. But I forgot to put it away the next day and we were all at church. My daughter kept guilting me into going to drive-in church knowing I don't want to go ANY PLACE with the narc, because she thinks it's good for my spiritual well being. (Later that night I told her I'm not going any place with him not even church so stop asking.) When we were at drive in church I went to get my wallet and I noticed my licence was put in another part of my wallet I'd never put it in in a million years. So I was like, "who moved my license to this slot in my wallet?" He pretended, lied straight up AT CHURCH, acting like he had nothing to do with it, another form of gas lighting.

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Jul 3

@Scat yes ma'am:)

Jul 4

Wow.. Just.. Wow

Jul 5

@Autumnrain mmhm.


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