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So my ex narc who broke into my Apple email and got my conta

So my ex narc who broke into my Apple email and got my contacts list and has now just threatened to kill one of them.

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Are you sure that your ex is that technologically savy?????? Are you absolutely sure she is the one doing that???? I'm just asking bc I've been accused of doing things that I certainly do not know how to my case a cult is trying to make me look like I'm a person that Im not by doing a bunch of stuff and making it look like I did it...not everyone is in a situation like mine...but I figured I'd ask since it is possible that someone else may be involed in your situation...

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Jan 14

@Asthethunderrolls I’m 100% sure it was her. She had access to my phone because I did not lock it back then. She also had an app on her phone that would change her phone number called spoofing. I imagined she had that so when she would call him, it wouldn’t look like her so their affair could be more hidden. She would call my phone and my moms number or friends would be on the caller id but it was actually her talking. It’s called spoofing and she is technology savvy.

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Jan 14

Oh no, I don't even have words for that. What a serious ordeal. Of course it was easy for her to contact your friends since she had access to your phone.


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