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So i recently researched all the behaviors and characteristi

So i recently researched all the behaviors and characteristics of Narcissists, and what do you know my boyfriend is all of them. I am between a rock and a hard place because we are suppose to be moving in together next month. I have been abused emotionally and mentally for awhile and physically once. He is the narcissist who makes tons of promises, but soon as he gets whatever he wants none of the promises come through. When he sees that i am pulling back he tries to fix everything with money and tells me how im the most special person in his life pretty much. He knows i am big on marriage and children, so he uses that as a way to smooth things over by saying how we are suppose to have a family together and how he wants to marry me, and even took me to look at rings! I am tired of the roller coaster, i have lost friends, my family doesn't approve, and he is a felon. When i met him i was on top of the world, i have a masters degree, started my career with a great company, and have my own place. Now, i feel like ****. OH let me not forget he cheated on me, we broke up for 2 month NC , but i took him back. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I can have so many other guys that can give me the life i want but im stuck hoping and wishing that he could be the one. I dont know what to do.

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Aug 15

@StrongGirl74 he can't make you feel guilty. He can try but it won't work if you hold to your boundaries and refuse to accept his guilt trip. Stay strong and start the exit. Be prepared to change your door locks and change your routines and places you go. As for his innuendo and accusations, they are designed to keep you in defensive mode giving him your attention so you can't focus in yourself.

Aug 15

Please please please do not move in with him. The control only gets worse and the cycle of abuse becomes shorter and shorter because he has more access to you. You won’t even realize it’s happening until one day you wake up completely depleted of any energy or self worth.
If you can see the signs and articulate them, you are ahead of the game girl! Get out while you can. Your family and friends will support you. They can probably see it.

Aug 17

I believe that we can absolutely, truly, 100% fall in love with someone who is all wrong for us. It doesn’t mean it isn’t valid. It doesn’t mean it isn’t real. It doesn’t mean it has no value. I can mean that it’s just not meant to be though. It can mean that we learn what we DON’T want in a relationship. It can mean that we become stronger for it and put ourselves in a place where we’re ready when the right person does come along. Don’t sell yourself short for this guy if he’s not good for you. I wouldn’t move in together without some long term significant changes.


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