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So I just met w the counselor. In her opinion, the card was

So I just met w the counselor. In her opinion, the card was a kind/mature gesture (as I truly have no desire to see him again), and that his distance post-condolence card is because he is pi$$ed to all heck that I did not contact him the way HE wanted (by phone, text, email or to see him). He has always been an intense control freak. Everything had to be done and said the way HE wanted. His silent treatments were always from a place of passive aggression. He is waiting for me to cower and call him. And that he WILL be hoovering again, but I will not care as I'm changing my work number today. She seems to know him well, and gets it right every time. Does that make since to you guys?

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Dec 6

My stbx also wants to try and force me into phone calls - he blocked me on all other platforms. I know it is because then he can say nasty stuff more directly to me and I can't ignore it like you can a text.

Dec 6

@Cindysmilesagain got this! :-)

Dec 9

@Cindysmilesagain How are you doing today? is he leaving you alone?


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