So I done something a little stupid but I've managed to get

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So I done something a little stupid but I've managed to get closure. I drunk rang my ex narc cos I knew going to see him was wrong. Anyways he has it set so I'm blocked yet some how he is notified who has rang... weird yepp. So he messaged me having a go full of abuse I said I need closure you can't come in and out my life you want me to leave you alone I need answers... so he finally admitted to playing games and said he only kept contacting to hurt me because ages ago before we even became official I messaged my friend saying I missed my first ex and all because of a few messages he said he wanted to hurt me like I had hurt him... punish me. Yet this was before a year and a half relationship. He said a load of abuse like I was a sl*t I sleep around and all these lies. He kept going on about how I caused all of it basically I deserved all the silent treatment and abuse because I sent texts to my friend that he read behind my back and got a hurt ego over. Laid into me about how he was a misery with me etc... I feel a bit **** but at same time I feel like I got closure because he admitted to games and wanting to hurt me and I think I just needed to hear the words before my brain would fully accept that is him a narc. So kinda feel **** but I needed it to move forward. Anyone else relate?

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Mar 20, 2017


Good for you..! That's the confidence I knew you had..:)

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Mar 20, 2017

@Discernment tehe thank you very much ^-^

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Mar 20, 2017

Every comment about the narc should be added to your narc memory bank and list of reasons to stay completely clear of them. Every experience with a narc turns out negative, always. There is never closure with them and it's essential for most to go total No Contact with one. CoParenting is an exception, then it's gray rock. They should be looked at as a highly contagious and possibly fatal disease--no contact. If you want real closure from a narc relationship then go All Power NC and consider yourself blessed. You will heal and you'll never ever want anything to do with one and you'll be able to spot them a mile away. Your life will improve with each passing day and you will grow to adore your narc free life. They are vile and nasty creatures with no heart, no soul and feel entitled to abuse and violate anyone and anyTHING because they can. How dare we question them. They are truly pathetic. I love being without that [email protected]$$satan that I once endured but if I ever picture him I usually see a quick image of a bushy eye-browed hateful evil scowl that's grinding and gnashing his nasty teeth because he's saying something pathetically mean to degrade and abuse. Fortunately, that quick image goes away and I smile because I don't have to be around people like that. Good luck to all as you have freed yourself or are in the process of freeing from the evil narc's web. I know it's painful at first and the unanswered questions can be hard to process but hang in there, the other side is awesome! You can do it. Prayers.

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