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So how do yall really know that your ex or current spouse is

So how do yall really know that your ex or current spouse is a narcissist? I feel like this is a disorder where ppl recklessly diagnose others with just because someone might be showing some selfishness, lack of empathy, grandiosity, etc. while not looking at yourself. Research shows the number of those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder is quite low in the population. Just readin from the stories on here about how much of an a$$ your exes were is quite alarming in that you stayed for that long in a relationship with someone who puts you down verbally and emotionally like that. My current wife cheated on me and shows lack of empathy about it and obviously was selfish in what she did, but idk if i'd just diagnose her as a narc. Idk, i think it's a little dangerous to label ppl as having such a serious disorder just based on broad general categories and set of behaviors.

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Jan 9

Ya, but the truth is a narc knows they'd never put up with the crud they put their partners through. For example, my husband, total narc, was cheated on by his ex, according to his story. And guess what? He kicked her azz to the curb. Sure he was hoping to get her back after she jumped bunches of hoops. So ya, the narc will say it's the empath's fault for tolerating the bee ess. And yup, maybe they'd be right. My own psychologist so much as said it. He basically implied I was stupidly staying because of my own abandonment issues or whatever. But I expected him to say, I ought to end the relationship because the guy is playing you and messing you around. But did he say that? Nope. Instead I was to blame because I thought I could help him stop being so self destructive.

Jan 9

Thankfully my narc had a friend who completely blocked her out of her life and chose my side, my narcs ex friend told me to she dealt with one for 6 years, and she opened my eyes after she had me to research and everything I found was my narc unfortunately

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Jan 9

@Scat Their personalities are fragile. I think he likes to punish people and animals. When I finally figured out what was wrong with our marriage, I knew there was no help. He isn't self destructive; he just destroys everything and everyone in his path.


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