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So 11 weeks since I did this. He is truly a nightmare. He is

So 11 weeks since I did this. He is truly a nightmare. He is completely lying about everything and using the kids as a pawn. I’m required to use our family wizard. It is a fiasco! It just gives him another platform to rant and rage. My lawyer hasn’t been great either. I feel my narc gets away with everything. Anyway, he is amping up and really starting to rage. In his last rant, he says he will stop communicating with me! That was the best piece of news I got in a long time!

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Kittythatcher's picture
Jun 12

If your attny isn't working for YOU, get a new one. When it comes to kids & doing what's best for them you don't want to regret anything at this point.

daisy182's picture
Jun 12

He makes me think of an uncontrollable toddler laying on the floor swinging arms and legs throwing a tantrum. I hope it gets better soon Trip.

Jun 13

@daisy182 he’s such a toddler. I seriously think that’s his emotional age. He is stunted completely


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