Please I need your honest opinion without stereotyping.. is

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Please I need your honest opinion without stereotyping.. is it possible for an alcoholic narcissist to change? Because my alcoholic narcissist husband just did a 360 and has become the man I knew he always could be . The man that I saw in the very beginning of our relationship yet even better . He just went in to inpatient treatment and he seems like a changed man.. is it genuine? ?

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May 29

So I finally left not that I left gracefully. I begged and pleaded for him not go through with this divorce I literally through my self on him in complete despair and he enjoyed it and actually hugged and kissed me and "loved me just the way he did when we were ok. I mean he always used to be all over me 24 /7 like he could never get enough then it hit me like a ton of bricks it was all a lie. I lost my mind the next day he came home and hand delivered me the papers. The next day I ended up in the hospital because I was so distraught and I frightened my sister. I called him to come and get me all he said was who is paying for the ambulance ride and that he is going to be the one who needs the hospital. I should have been in shock but it just was how he has treated me. My sister and a few friends took me back to my house grabbed as much as we could and I left and I will never go back. But I'm not well and I'm not coping at all

May 30

It is a blessing that you have sisters support, and I know it feels like hell, but it really does get better- people often say "try and distract yourself" but it is OK to grieve the loss and maybe even do something to mark it- one suggestion I came across was a simple little fire ceramony- write it out - a short little note - or a long letter- what ever feels right- and then burn it- safely of course- but the little ritual helped- Our prayers are with you as well. Often local churchs and community have support groups as well.
Many Blessings

May 30

@Sandee2596 I am so sorry that someone is treating you like this. All he cared about was the cost of the ambulance? This is so sickening. You deserve so much better.


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