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Over the past couple of weeks I have really taken to the tas

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Over the past couple of weeks I have really taken to the task of educating myself on NPD, because for me, it is very important to thoroughly understand “what” I am dealing with. Understanding the pathology and neuroscience behind NPD and other personality disorders has helped me immensely. One of the things that had occurred to me is, a few of the things I’ve read on here may be confusing narcissistic personality disorder with antisocial personality disorder. Before I go any further I want to say that regardless of which diagnosis an abuser may or may not have, all abuse and disrespectful behavior is wrong, and nobody should tolerate bad behavior or a toxic relationship from anybody- be it a lover, friend, or family member. With that being said, some of you may find this article interesting and/or helpful, in laying out exactly why NPDers and ASPDers cannot and will not change, and why you should cut the cord ASAP. There are many other scholarly articles on the topic and I highly recommend reading as many articles- written by a knowledgeable expert and based on clinical studies and/or reliable data, bc it just may help you to see the person you thought you knew for WHAT they truly are...

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11 hours ago

@Ducktape The stress hormone you refer to is what I remember as almost a rushing burn. It was literally like a hot rush of blood through my body that would almost always either burn in my upper arms or go toward my stomach. I experienced a really high BP reading once when with him. I NEVER had (and not even now) BP issues but it was so high after his abuse, I thought I was going to die, really! I was scared and tearful. I realized that the mysterious little hot rushes/burns I was experiencing were some kind of stress. I just wasn't sure what back then. I just knew it was too close to my heart to be good for me. Geez. Dodged that bullet!

11 hours ago

I was talking with my Psychologist today and we were talking about repeated doses of adrenaline being harmful in most people, but in some it's a tremendous rush, heck of an elevation. For the victim, it destroys health but for the abuser it can improve health, providing they have a means to climb down before becoming delusional.

6 hours ago

@wmw1981 If you understand the narcissistic spectrum, there is a huge difference between the two ends of the spectrum. The lowest end includes those who we consider non-narcissistic. But the truth is that we all have some narc traits as part of the ego. The low end is considered normal/average. After that, as the number of narc traits increase, those who are considered more narcissistic than average can be anywhere on the spectrum, according to the degree of severity. But it’s not until you reach the farthest end of the spectrum that you find the diagnosable disorders, such as NPD and ASPD. At that level narcissistic traits are often combined with ASPD traits (which include socio/psychopathic traits. This is termed the malignant narcissist, which is a combination of NPD traits and ASPD traits. There isn’t always a clear defining line between the two disorders in some cases. People don’t always fit into perfectly defined categories. There are combinations and overlap of symptoms and traits at the farthest end of the spectrum. Those with ASPD combined with narcissistic traits, do not have a conscience or a moral compass. They feel no remorse or guilt when they hurt someone. They lack empathy and basic humanity. This is not everyone on the narcissistic spectrum. Only those located on the far end. The problem is that when you meet someone, you don’t know where he/she is located on the spectrum; there are great differences........

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