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Once again he shows what a **** he is. He dropped a bottle o

Once again he shows what a **** he is. He dropped a bottle of shampoo on his toe in the shower and broke it. It`s my fault because I`m the one that put it in there!

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Jul 19 I hate to be a pessimist, I really do. But counseling is a fun, manipulative playdate for a narc. I'm not being mean, I promise. But for you, I really hope that if this is what you guys decide to do that he's real, sees he has a problem (narcs don't usually see themselves as the problem... shampoo on toe = your fault) and truly works on it. I know how abusive it is to every fiber of your being, not just your mind, to be with a narc and I also know the hurt that goes with realizing they can't be fixed but hanging on for that last try that he might change somehow. For those reasons, I truly sympathize with you and truly wish the best for you. I know your little heart is broken and you miss him. My prayers are with you, truly. Please don't forget about yourself though, please. It's easy to get lost in trying to fix him all the while you get buried deeper in the narc pit. Sending you prayers that your hopes and dreams come true. God Bless You.

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Jul 20

I guess I`m not surprised at what you say. I know they think they don`t need to be fixed. I have read that narcissism is caused by mismatches in parent-child relationships with excessive pampering or excessive criticism

Jul 23

@kelly72 Your comment 'counselling being fun, manipulative playdate for a narc' you have just helped me realise why my narc stbxh called a halt to his affairs related counselling on two separate occasions ten years apart, the counsellor disagreed with him and said the issues he complained about were nothing to do with me, NOT my fault. Until then he had quite happily played the verbal game, which is not my strong point.
I admit I did try to fix him, no more, I'm tired.


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