OK y’all. I’m saying it right now. I am 100% done with m

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OK y’all. I’m saying it right now. I am 100% done with my narcissistic sister!

3 Strikes and you are out!

Within one week!
1.) insults my new water machine I got that I was excited about! (Insulting me and my choices)
2.) insulting my new head wrap I bought! (Insulting me and my choices)
3.) insulting my choice to not worry about getting 10,000 steps everyday. Because consistency in walking everyday for mental health is more important than the number of steps for weight loss.
(Insults my choice by not like it!)
She text me every day with whatever she’s doing throughout the day expecting me to like it. Support it. Etc. But when I sent her something, these last three things in one week that means something to me and she doesn’t, it’s an obvious clear slap in the face that she doesn’t like it and therefore will not support it because it doesn’t align with her thought process and deliberately does it. And at the same time expects me to continue to support her while she does it.

Lol… So… I am DONE! 3 strikes and you are out!
I am so HOT right now!
It is Father’s Day! I am not going to disrespect her Husband or myself by giving her the satisfaction of getting angry ! !
1.) I am going to vent here.
2.) I am going to write this out on a piece of paper and put it on my wall to remind me every day!
Because.. I am not going to carry around the hate I have for her right now. I am letting it go.
And when I let it go, I forget. I am a very peaceful, loving and happy person.
I was literally trying so hard to get along.
But what happened is she was feeding off me, getting a high and using it for her own benefit.
Then turning around and taking a c. r. a.p on everything I said that matters to me.
She is feeling real good about herself right now because she thinks her strength right now is her own.
But .. I gave it to her. I can take it away. And I am !
No more supporting her.
She was getting fatter. Feeling weak .. and I helped motivate her to work out because I shared with her I was working out. I went over and walked with her. I like her post when she tells me she did this or that etc.
I am not doing that anymore.
I am not telling her another thing.
I told myself I was done so many times but this is it!
Something happened about 4 days ago that changes everything.
I can feel it in the pit of my Soul!
I am done with her.
All these disgusting people.
I realized that she would always sabotage my relationship with Hazel so it will be impossible to have a close TRUSTING one. She makes her so confused all the time. I can see it all over her face.
My sister wants her to doubt herself.. it is really disgusting.
Hazel is the smartest kid. Intuitively and in every other way. She is beautiful. My sister actually looks like a Witch .. and it is funny how she likes to try to make other people feel old but she looks the same as me and she is premenopause 39 and I am post menopause. 50 .. just wait! Lol.. I am sorry .. I hope I don’t take too much pleasure watching her crumble because I will be more focused on not even thinking about her.

But.. I am going to enjoy watching her crumble.
No more support from me.
No more of my energy . . She is cut off.
I am putting my energy into myself.

She uses her children too. Usually the youngest who is an Empath like me.
All I can do it pray for her.
10 more years till Hazel is 18 and can get away from her. I know she will spend her whole life trying to break the unhealthy bond energetically.
And my door is always open for her.
She knows I love her! That is clear. She is just too young to do anything but turn to the witch that controls her.

I am a grown woman with Wisdom and I require respect!
She has no idea how done I am with her.

I once again feel Freed from Bondage!

It has been a weight on me thinking about how to manage this because it isn’t what I want.
She will never get the best of me again!
My guard is up!
I just have to remind myself.

11 months till move!

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Jul 1

@LollyNews You have a youtube channel, wow.
That is so cool,it really is.
No we do not.
To much of anything is not good for our health.
Do you agree or do you disagree, with this statement I just said "To much of anything is not good for our health."
What kind of videos do you have on your youtube channel, my friend.

Jul 1

@Tropicalstorm So true, my very wise friend.

LollyNews's picture
Jul 2

Just share my life. When I was traveling in my Van I made videos of that. My cooking, meditation music. It is kind of random .. so I wanted to make it more about one thing. That usually works best for a certain audience. I have been putting a lot of energy into daily life so I haven’t gotten it clear yet.
I have the subscribers needed. Just need the views. So I need to create good content to get it.
Some people record them at rock concerts and put that up. They gets 10 to 50,000 views which is enough and wow! Isn’t it amazing that you can get paid to record something and post it. TikTok is like that. I don’t do that stuff. My goal is to make YouTube the way for me. I know I’m close.
Thank you for asking. I wish I could get some help from someone who does it and knows what they are doing.


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