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Ok I blocked him and ny stomach is in knotts.. I'm so mad at

Ok I blocked him and ny stomach is in knotts.. I'm so mad at myself right now!!!!!

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Lostmyselfinhim's picture
Jul 11

@pickone I changes my phone number too. I'm serious about this, I'm just sad.

Jul 11

@Lostmyselfinhim You are very welcome!... No one will tell you that going No Contact is easy, or an overnight remedy for the trauma of narc abuse. It’s normal to feel, not only sad, but a conflicting combination of emotions, as you go through the grieving process. After all you are grieving the loss of something that was very important to you; and which you believed was real at the time. Now that you know, without a doubt, that it was not real, but an illusion, hopefully you will eventually let go. The healing process has to be done at the individual’s own time and pace. Whatever you’re feeling is a normal part of the step by step process of healing, growing, and evolving. Be kind and patient with yourself. We are here to support you......

Jul 11

Sadness..is it bad or a time for growth?? I say the latter..its our choice though..


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