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Not been here for a few days but feeling down today. It’s

Not been here for a few days but feeling down today. It’s my birthday tomorrow and my first without the exfor a few years. I just want to shut myself away and forget about it. Whilst he wants to see me and I still have to say no.

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Oct 13

Thank you for your birthday wishes. We deal wit jut the bet we can but we are lucky to be here so I had better not dwell on the difficult bits.

MTlost's picture
Oct 13

@Narcfree Happy Birthday !! Your here to see another day that is great in itself. Hope you find a way to celebrate your special day.

Oct 13

Happy birthday. The best gift you can give yourself is acceptance... and love and forgiveness. Be strong and find your inner goddess. He is not worth the pain and control they hold over us..


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