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new to this and still coming to grips with the abuse I've to

new to this and still coming to grips with the abuse I've tolerated from my narcissistic mother and her enabler boyfriend for all my life. Still feel sick to my stomach that this is actually 'real' and too read her actions on a website is a total mind shift.

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Oct 7

@Ducktape - Hey Duckie - nice to see you're still around.

Oct 7

But did you always feel something was amiss, something was wrong and that you wanted to get away? I was just wondering because that was how I felt my entire childhood.


@Scat Hello, yes, very much so. I ran away from home many times, she kicked me out at 16 after I stopped her from hitting her partner with the vacuum cleaner pipe and I have never been back, living with them. Did you manage to escape? No contact three years now but yesterday they sent in a flying monkey. Deciding whether I'm going to go the revolting life form or wait it out for awhile. I have a lot of ammo.


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