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Narcs are fascinating people (much sarcasm) though they prob

Narcs are fascinating people (much sarcasm) though they probably are if you’re not tied to one in some way. I just opened my eyes to my narc fiancé. She has really taken me for ride for 10 years (we would be married by now if I hadn’t smelled a rat a few years ago). The ride ended in December 2019, but after 4 months of the most devastating treatment she “reset” and for the past couple months she’s been an absolute dream girl, just like the beginning. I’ve never been treated better. This time around though I know I’m dealing with an empty vessel, an actor, an imposter. I can say with certainty I don’t know her at all, she’s a stranger. I don’t believe a word she says, I don’t feel anything for her, she’s just a pretender. I find myself with her here just waiting for her to flip that switch and demolish my world as she has done in the past. I have a storage unit near my work and a safety deposit box with all my important documents. I’m living like a guest in my own house. I’ve been sneaking off to therapy twice a month for the last 3 months which has done wonders to keep my mind straight and recover from the reality twisting decade I’ve been with her. I feel for all that have been crushed under the weight of these parasites. I found out I was the perfect target for these types, kind hearted, generous, empathetic. All those things represent weakness in their worlds. Such a shame. I’m numb with depression and my self esteem/confidence is at an all time low. Reading the stories and comments from others definitely makes me feel better to know I’m not alone but I also feel bad knowing others have suffered even worse. Thanks for reading.

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zee4ward's picture
Jun 10

@Limp I have to laugh that you said this. Mine would always say, "Why don't you do________" That was a most common phrase of his. Like HIS ideas were the end all be all. He had a better plan, a better way. Well guess what, he didn't.

mmadwaite's picture
Jun 29

@LivingOnAPrayer I really identify with your post here. When I met my narc ex he was amazing too. He showered me with gifts, was so caring and he made me believe we had so much in common. He too was so unlike my first husband; that's one of the reasons I was so attracted to him. But our relationship grew toxic. I knew he was different, but I saw that as a good thing since I am very unconventional myself. If I had any clue what a narcissist was, I would have put the pieces together. There were so many red flags. I just didn't know how to interpret them. I married him because I loved him. I remember asking myself "What could go wrong?" I was so naive. It's just comforting to know your story is so similar to mine.

LivingOnAPrayer's picture
Jun 29

@mmadwaite Yes it is comforting to know that I'm not alone, even though some days I feel like I am. It's sad though that are stories are similar in the same regard, because no one should have to deal with these jerks.


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