My narcissistic mum has properly destroyed me. I feel like I

My narcissistic mum has properly destroyed me. I feel like I cant really keep going anymore, anywhere. When a kid, I was lucky enough to go to a boarding school yet I was always dreading holidays. And i wanted to marry as soon as i finished school just to belong to a different household, but thank the sky it never happened, because i realised that i cant marry simply for financial security and to use my husband as a shield from mum. Perfectly right reasoning I believe. But the whole trauma made me scarred of relationships alltogether because of the terrible experience in my own family.
I am not un any relationship, but the problem is my boss is the most awful narcissist possible and now I feel properly crushed. I have a degree from a top UK university but I dont want to work and I dont know how to work anymore. I believe in God, that is perhaps the only reason I keep existing. Supporters who are reading this... Thanks for existing!

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14 hours ago

@Anastasia im just try to express my feeling to the world what Dr Ogun done for me okay.......

14 hours ago

@healing9876 i will try to use only messages to correspond with u from now on! PLEASE don't give me up in your prayers, they are so important to me! You have no idea how much that matters. and dont delete your posts, i would like to have the opportunity to come back and reread them

7 hours ago

@AnastasiaT OK! Got your message & sounds good. I enjoy your posts/ messages.
You're doing well.. Just give this all time to work through. I'll respond on email message.
Take care!


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