My narc mom seems to be the only woman I know who can have m

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My narc mom seems to be the only woman I know who can have men after men in her house but still no boyfriend or husband. Every day for nearly a week to 4 different men have showed up. Over never seen one other friends stay until 2 or 3am until last night. Here its is 9am and you've already got another or possibly the same person over. Its pitiful especially when 1 is married and she doesnt mind making a whole dinner for him. I'm sorry I waste my time talking about her. Canr seem to vent about it elsewhere without looking like the bitter one.

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Nov 16

@CKBlossom no kidding! Its so hard living with a toxic person.

Nov 17

@PeppermintSunrise I think it is so good to vent and release pent up feelings and emotions and this is a good place to start.

At the same time, I think it is also good to look at what you can do, within your own power, to help yourself and make any changes which will benefit you. I started with self care. I was eating healthy but found areas that I could improve and I enjoyed it. Getting enough rest, leisure activities, looking at what I enjoyed doing and getting on and doing it. It helped me to put emotional and physical space between me and the toxic person I was living with.

Good luck - I am cheering you on.

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Nov 17

@Littleturtle1000 I have been there and lived it, so yes, it really is.


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