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Mar 15

There's a religion that believes that Jesus Christ appeared in upstate New York along with God at the same time Geronimo an American Indian was defending his rights.

Mar 15

which ones are they...i'm familiar with mormons...and i'm familiar with jehovah witnesses...i had a friend that practiced a religion where they meet in the back of a person's house once a husband's family once practiced in the back of their home until his family built their own small church...these community people also have a family church too...above the door it said episcopal and methodist...but the pastor soon showed me through example that they weren't episcopal...he performed the eucharist one sunday and not one of them knew what it was nor what it symbolized...any episcopal would know what the eucharist is...that sunday stands out for me bc i definitely realized that they weren't labeling their church husband will not tell me exactly what religion he is...he skirts around the question with a talent that is astounding...I guess I'm Geronimo in my scenario haha...I briefly read about him today online...he was trying to protect his rights and protect the land that was theirs...he evidently did a pretty descent job of it for awhile but didn't least he tried! I had a possible episode of harassment again today...2 girls rode up to my pasture fence in an got out and threw something over the fence..i saw it scatter and hit the ground...several goats ran up to the fence and started eating it...since I've had 11 animals mysteriously die in an extremely short amount of time, I politely asked them to move their atv across the street and to refrain from feeding my animals anything...she immediately got extremely mouthy and called me psycho...I was calm and polite and never stepped one foot off of my property when addressing the issue...I got her on video admitting that she threw something over the fence...she claims it was just grass but the wind is very strong today..grass would not have hit the ground...I videoed the goats run to the fence and start eating it...and I videoed myself politely asking her to move away from my pasture fence...she refused to move so I went ahead and stood there until she decided to leave...she got very angry that I stood there but I calmly explained that I had every right to stand on my property between her and my animals after I saw her throw something over the fence, saw my animals eating it, and videoed her admitting that she threw something over my fence especially after 11 animals have just recently died mysteriously in a short time and they were not ill or neglected in any way...this is exactly what happened 2 yrs ago when I asked my husband for a divorce...I also apologized to her for feeling that I had to protect my animals in this way for just in case she happens to be completely innocent of ill is a shame when someone's circumstances have gotten so bad that they can't trust that a young girl simply threw grass over the fence...but with the aggressiveness she displayed when I was as polite as can be and logical as can be, I'm not sure it was simply grass she threw especially since it hit the ground with high wind speeds like today...sad world we live in...

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Mar 22

@Fred143 Wow. I don't know how you can hide from that...Going no contact would be almost impossible.


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