living in a very triggering situation next to a malignant na

living in a very triggering situation next to a malignant narcissist and flying monkeys with a code pendant partner. Absolutely horrible as i keep getting these horrible feelings in my stomach. Reminds me of my x partner and i am witnessing the silent treatment taking place. I think they realised we are supply and have made our lives incredibly uncomfortable on purpose! I sense a very unwell and dysfunctional family and would like to know how to deal with this till I move out. I have a very bad feeling about the malignant narcissist. My stomach is about to explode from the bad and toxic vibes i keep picking up. They are very cruel and a miserable bunch of people and I don't think I have ever seen such unhappiness in my life. It feels like living next to a funeral! I am witnessing behaviour which sends chills down my spine and of course I recognise how unwell they are but how do I get on with my own life. Of course they are constantly fishing for our weaknesses and using it against us so i am always on high alert...walking on egg shells and don't like what i am feeling! how do i use this as an opportunity to heal?

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Apr 7

I can imagine your frustration with your current living situation. I live next to neighbors that are triggering as well.

One thing that you could do is practice putting up boundaries. If you're having a conversation, and they become cruel, tell them that you don't appreciate being talked to/treated that way. If it continues, walk away. If you fear telling them any information about yourself, keep the conversation casual (ie. Are you enjoying the weather?). If personal questions are asked, tell them that you're "uncomfortable discussing that situation", or you could say "that's personal".

How much longer do you have until you move? You could also cut off all contact. Whatever you choose, make sure that you and your husband are a united front. There's a light at the end of the tunnel. Thankfully this isn't a permanent problem. You have support here. You're not alone. Please continue to post and vent whenever possible.

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Apr 7

That seems like very scary situation... sometimes the grey rock method like being boring n not reacting will get them to target someone else... also try stay away from them as much as you can so they can’t bother too much as your making plans to leave. Perhaps going on more walks, volunteers or picking up some overtime can keep you busy n occupy your time!


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