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Im devastated as I have discovered that I’m in a relationship with an introvert narcissist. We have been together almost 5yrs. In the beginning he love bombed me for months to get my attention. I eventually fell for him. The first 3 years were an illusion of perfection while we were spending my bank account that he was always going to pay back. After 3 years the mask started to fall off at about the same time I ran out of money.

When I met him I was happy living alone, I ran my own business part time with plenty of freedom and I had enough money in the bank to feel secure. I truly thought he was my forever.

2yrs in he proposed to me with a $10,000 dollar ring which I have later discovered he got on credit and has no intentions of paying for it. About 1 1/2 yrs ago I discover he had a gambling problem and has been bankrupt twice, married and divorced twice. I then started to question him about the finances and his gambling, that’s when the mask started to drop. All of a sudden he started blaming me for his bad behaviour. He has two children that live with us and they never see their mother. Over the last 6 months Ihave been questioning him more about this, so for the last 6 months he has barely worked sleeps all day and goes out to play poker all night while he leaves me to do everything for his children which Instopped last week and went back to work full time so that I can move out of the house we live in together.

My adult son punched him last night because he can’t stand the way I am being treated like a door mat so in the last 24 hrs the situation has spiralled out of control. He has taken his kids to his parents house, so this has given him the perfect ammunition he needed to corrupt people that we are the crazy ones.

Im devastated because I was tricked, Im broke, lonely and have to work full time again because I know it’s time to leave. I really thought he was the man of my dreams.

Now he lies, has no empathy, he’s always secretly texting on his mobile, gives me an icy smirky stare when I try to talk to him, he blames me for everything and never ever spends time with his children they just seem to be pawns in his sick game. He even asked me to get another credit card for $20k about a month ago, of course I didn’t, I might be trusting and gullible, but I’m not completely stupid.

It’s taken me months to work out what I’ve been dealing with. I’ve had to do lots of online research by googling his symptoms and he fits the profile perfectly

There must be someone else out there that has led the illusion of love with a narcissist. I’d love to here from you just so Im not so hard on myself for being such a loving gullible fool :(

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Jul 17

@SpinningFlower he got
Arrested back in December while me and him were going on a trip and they told us it was a warrant for his arrest for child support (two different mothers)! They transferred him to another state and he owed 300k for child support since he used to play for the nba and his payments were high! But he never cared about those kids! So his bail was 5k and I paid for it, when he came out he was worst than before, he treated me worst, cheated me with all his ex’s and a stripper and then he asked me to come back and I took him! He never went back to court to solve the child support and I lost the bail money and he was on the run again! He went to Atlanta with the stripper and he ended up driving so he got stopped by the police and ended up in jail again!! His things are all in my place still! He told me he never went with her, she was there and had to use her for a car to go see his family! He tried to work things out from jail because he needed me and after I replied to one of his letters getting it all out, I never replied to the last one! I told him it was the end of it so he stopped contacting me! He has a court date tomorrow as we speak now so I don’t know what will happen but I think he will get some time in jail and I am glad cuz he deserves it

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Jul 18

@Ellicy111 Wow that is some story and I'm sure you are so much happier now..You have helped me so much, thank you.

Jul 18

@SpinningFlower I never thought I would be able to help others with my story. And I wish it never happened to me but it did and we just live and learn in life!


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