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Last night he was lurking at the concert I went too. He mad

Last night he was lurking at the concert I was at. He made sure he walked in front of me 5 times with his triangulating girl....After he had JUST stalked me at my school 2 days before. One of the guys I was with (without my knowledge) walked up to him, pointed in his face and said, "If you ever f* with Cindy again I will ruin you." And then he pointed to the girl and said, "And I suggest you run because you are with a beater and a rapist." Well, you would think that would stop him, but he walked right in front of us once again. So the guys I was with escorted him and his girl out. Pretty hilarious watching his pip-squeek butt get escorted out by 3 large men. Well, Like the wuss that he is, he went to the cops at the concert. Mind you, I have record of him repeatedly stalking me, and a police report to boot. But here's my fear...I am currently filling out a stalking injunction. Will my friend's behaviors, hurt my case? I love them to death, and I know they meant well...but my fear is that he can retaliate with some other adjudication of law as he was threatened by my well meaning, protective buddies

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Apr 15

I don't think it will. If the order says stay away from.. So many feet.. Etc.. And he violated it then he violated it period. YOU didn't go up to him and escort him out.

Apr 15

The friends that shared their opinions are not in your employ. You can't control how another person thinks or acts. If he has an issue he should take it up with those that addressed him.

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Apr 15

You didn't tell your friend to do this.....and even if you did, he's not a robot. The bottom line is if that &(*%F$%**&)(*) guy is stalking you, then he's breaking the law. If your friend breaks the law, it's a separate issue. Judges hate when narcs make excuses for their behaviors. It's in your favor when they do! :) That's how my exDevil got his due. My own attorney told me prior to the DV hearing that if he is volatile then stand back and watch him hang himself. She was right!


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