Just verifying, but do these symptoms sound like a narc to y

Just verifying, but do these symptoms sound like a narc to you:
- hyper egotism. Self absorbed.
- NO empathy
- can not handle ANY form of correction or constructive criticism
- apologies a rarity
- makes all things my fault
- extremely worried about appearances. Designer clothes, perfectly pressed and groomed.
- perfectionist extreme.
- big on YouTube and social media, super attention seeking. Believes "Any attention is good attention."
- pseudo celebrity musician.
- often critical of me, w the occasional complenent. But complements were often double edged. Depending on whether HE had received his attention.
- jealous
- cruel silent treatments when we had the slightest of disagreements
(often times the silent treatments occured when I was ill or there was a dramatic situation I was dealing with.)
- violate me physically and sexually.
- controlling, constantly "fathering me". He was older.
- hyper clean freak
- always wanted to attain bigger and better so that he could gain attention.
- moody as all get out.
- every day a roller coaster.
- Criticized much of what I did. Often had a "better way" of doing everything.
- temper
- poor communicator. Particularly when it involved emotions.

Does this fit the bill for a narc?

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Feb 16

@BrokenAndSuffering my heart truly goes out to you, please understand many of us here did not want to believe we were with Narcissists there one of the cruelest humans I've ever encountered, sadly yes from all you've described your man is indeed a narcissist, i know it's hard to accept, what will shock you more is he can never truly love you the way you loved him, as others have mentioned they just see us as supply to use and abuse for their own selfish ego, now he's with that other, it does not matter what she has or does not have more than you, one day she will find she's as miserable as he made you, as you found its already started the way he judged her personal problem, know your free of him and it's a true blessing, they are not healthy decent loving beings you can embrace life with they come with conditions control and a lot of pain, they lack conscience to ever understand care even about the pain they put you through.
I feel for you as i too could not accept my man of 15 years is a narcissist, my friends had been trying to tell me all along, narcs blame you, isolate you, control you, play mind games, silent treatments, some are sneaky they play shy around others, or they pretend to be the most incredible people you could possibly meet, it's all 2 faced lies an image they need to have in the eyes of others because inside they are empty miserable beings that seek pleasure in making those they are supposed to love miserable. As has already been mentioned don't be fooled by tears my own ex narc never cried over the death of his own dog yet he claimed to be upset over the death of an animal close to my heart but I see through him now that was him playing on my weaknesses, it's evil what they are capable of I've never seen him cry since with what I thought at time was real emotion or sympathy, after that he left me grieving alone to cope with any other animals who Passed!.
You can truly live your life now with someone one day who will love you truly and respect you fully, that's another thing I'd say about narcs they have NO respect for you, and NO empathy.
The best thing you can do is erase him from your life, as they sadly when supply is low try every tactic possible to get you back, keep strong don't fall for it, know you deserve better, the more we get ourselves back the more we are too strong i believe for any narcs traps, we invite wonderful healthy souls in our life, i wish you and everyone here much healing and love.

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@Hope4Freedom Ty! In my heart, I know that hes prolly not done with me. I can feel it. I am determined to not bite into it tho. He will not get a reaction from me or even a response. He is completely cut off on my end. I have learned enuff thru all my research that he will not change no matter what he tells me. I am absolutely done feeding him n his ego. He has made this choice. I am looking forward to when he does reach out tho so that I can have the satisfaction of being done not him. I deserve this. From this day forward, he wont even assume that I care anymore. The oain he has caused me is so deep that I could never allow it to continue. I am moving forward to a better life and he will not be included in it. *hugs*

Feb 16

@BrokenAndSuffering your welcome ;)
Please do stay strong you can sweetie, I understand it's hard but your stopping someone wonderful for you being able to take his place if you even wonder if he could want you back, he's not worth having back, what he did to you is not love, i understand you hoping to get the final say, but from all I've read here giving any hint of contact attention to a narc puts them back in control and able to trap you, they know what to say in the right moments when you are most vulnerable, as ive been told here by kind beings who told me what to do, no contact is the only way, i made the mistake of going back to my narc, i was with my current bf at the time and my narc ex contacted me on video on my phone looking all miserable and pathetic and i fell for it, felt sorry for him,he gave me all these wonderful reasons we could work it out he will change etc, they can do this for a while then are back to treating you horribly, it's not worth it, I'm going to have to face how hard no contact will be, but this time erase him from my life like he never was, it hurts but it's only way, i can then heal and let someone truly wonderful who feels true unconditional love in my life, eventually, and i wish the same for you, love and hugs back :)

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