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Just thinking back: HIM: You're so unstable Today: ME:


Just thinking back:
HIM: You're so unstable

ME: I'm unstable because of you jack-ass!!!

Sorry, just had to vent there for a second. (Sigh) I feel better now...ready for the work day.

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Jan 11

Amazing how so many nice logical folks can be so unstable...go figure.

daisy182's picture
Jan 11

I used to try to tell mine that I sound like that because I am reacting to how he is talking to me. This is a great place to vent. Hope your day got better.

Jan 12

@havingahardtimeleaving yep get that one all the time. According to my narc, I’m always raising my voice, I’m always mad, I’m always an old cranky bag, I’m always in a bad mood, and I’m crazy or too sensitive. Well, dumbazz narc, maybe it’s u with these traits and yes, if u weren’t so rotten maybe I would be in a better mood. Again what’s interesting is no one else I know or the 150 high school students I see everyday ever say these things about or to me!! Amazing a narcs reality


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