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Just an update... it's day 7 NC for me! 1 whole week and I f

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Just an update... it's day 7 NC for me! 1 whole week and I feel like it's been a year! Went into town/the mall etc with my mum this morning and had a manicure. Felt so much anxiety and couldn't stop shaking... felt like people were looking at me like 'oh there's his ugly ex' silly but it feels that way. I didn't cry but wanted to. I've heard that his mum has told people all he does is work, gym, sleep. Not sure if that means he's not happier or not. It's nothing different to what he did when he was with me. I'm still missing him and can't help but think of him speaking to and flirting with others but I'm trying not to. A friend I had from 7 years ago has asked if I want to go for a few cocktails tomorrow night. I agreed but don't want to. I don't want to hear music :( and I will just see beautiful girls and compare myself. I'm not going to drink too much. Don't want to end up emotional and break NC he would only ignore me x

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Feb 17, 2017

@Stonewalled I often wonder that myself. It's still the lack of empathy thing that gets me though. I think a severely damaged person would still show some empathy. I get nothing, it's always about him and very hurtful. I can' only make sense of it by thinking Narc, even though not all of the qualities are there, the ones that are, are very strong.

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Feb 17, 2017

@CubanSpecial yes same path mine, had no clue how to be empathic. I once called him when I was having a bad bad anxiety attack, the anxiety I now know started when I became involved with him.....and he said to me....I don't know want to do or say....I said just talk to me!

He was so clueless. Same with mine, the things he did do are bang on for narcissist traits.

Feb 17, 2017

@Stonewalled ....Yep no empathy, they are self absorbed arseholes.......If your not ready to go out then dont. You will no when you are ready to face the world. Be kind to yrself and take the time that you need.x


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