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it's been about four months now since i last spoke to my ex,

it's been about four months now since i last spoke to my ex, it been six years since i experienced life without her and i'm finding it difficult. i feel somewhat obsessed... just thoughts about her throughout the day. i got diagnosed with PTSD from emotional abuse. but i wonder sometimes is it me who is flawed? is how my life is at the moment the wrong thing for me to be doing? i hardly go out or if i do it isn't very far or for long. i just don't understand how to deal with the emotions i feel regularly or how to act as if i am not bothered about anything anymore. anyone else feel like this ?

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Oct 12

I encourage you to continue your journey without letting her back in. As I have learned, it restarts the cycle and you'll always find yourself in the same pain the empaths feel in the cycle - degraded then discarded. Don't give in! 4 months is such a great start to a path of happiness, don't give that up for someone who can't and won't love you the way you deserve.

Oct 14

@Snoozeroni i hope this one works out for you too, when you were going through all of this did you find yourself become bitter and detached from people some times? i feel it happening to me at the moment... like today is my ex's birthday and it has been a bit upsetting for me as it's the first time in five years i haven't spent it with her.

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Oct 14

@mrunderstanding I actually could not go in public without having panic attacks for a long time. I still get them in Walmart sometimes, (but I think that's just normal.. lol) I was lucky when I moved back to Alabama, I got swept up in a wonderful group of people that didn't give me time to withdraw, but after this last one I almost did... major trust issues with people... My friends were concerned and missed me, started googling how to emotionally disconnect without becoming a sociopath... But I've decided not to let those bad experiences screw it up for the person who actually deserves to be in my life in the future and am open to meeting new people now. I'm excited to test the waters and apply some of the things I've learned so I don't make the same mistakes again. I'm taking the lessons and the good from those two experiences and moving on. This last one was very recent, was tough to let go of because he wasn't cruel and we got along great, not your typical narc. He kept coming back because I was a challenge to him. A challenge he eventually lost... You just have to get through the grieving stage and you will emerge so much stronger! You will surprise even yourself! And remember, it is her loss, not yours. You are free now to pursue your dreams and there is room in your life now for the right person when she comes along! <3

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