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It will be a month since I seen him tomorrow, and it would h

It will be a month since I seen him tomorrow, and it would have been 3 weeks since he last contacted me...but he sent me a weird text msg this morning!! For a few minutes I was actually trying to read into it, trying to figure it out!! However, I had to snap myself back into reality, and say...this does not matter!!! Whatever he sends you, it's not going to help you!! Why are you trying to figure this out?? So, I stopped, and I am continuing to move on...I am confident I will not break no contact!! I was fine when I woke up before I seen the text, I am fine hours after I have read it! I still get a rise out of the hoover though for some reason!! When will I ever fully understand completely, that the hoovers are nothing good? Maybe one day...

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Jan 12, 2018

Greta job on no response and maintaining no contact however I will add that unless you have a reason to keep this guys number, like yall have children together, delete his number. While you are at it block him on all social media, email and wherever you can. He is not worthy of the wonderful woman you are!! Stay strong!!

TreborH's picture
Jan 12, 2018

@Babetown17nomore, it all mind games. If you find yourself puzzled by a text, it’s there you mess with you. You won’t have that with normal texts.

Well done with the time away and even more so on NC.

Jan 12, 2018

@babetown17nomore I didn’t mention the difference between no response and NC to pressure you or rush you. This is all part of the process of healing, which each person does at his or her own pace. If no response is working for you now (in other words, if his texts are not causing you to break NC), then you obviously are a lot stronger than many people. Take your time; it’s a step by step process. When you’re ready to take the next step, and block him completely, I’m sure you will......


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