IT ( the narc in my life) has taken everything from me : my

IT ( the narc in my life) has taken everything from me : my strength, my happiness, my joy, my peace, my heart. I am so tired. I am so tired of being tired. Ian tired of wanting to let IT go but keep going back. I am so mad at myself for accepting the less than treatment and for so long. How could I still be so emotionally attached to IT when all IT has done is to tear me down. I just want to be able to let IT go. I have exams and I can't function. I feel like I am going crazy. How could I want to let IT go so badly and yet refuse to let IT go at the same time. I know I have the power to be done and the time is right because IT is dishing out the silent treatment. Why don't I just run? I want to run away but instead I find myself reaching harder and harder for IT. How can I be such a fool. I am tired. I just want it to be over. I want IT just gone out of my life.

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Apr 7, 2016

You can do this Hun you know you need to get out and that's the biggest step. Make a plan small step by small step tick them off one by one and make it happen. You can do it we are here for you. IT won't change in fact IT is likely to get worse you deserve way more and you can get out! Here if need me big hugs xx

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Apr 7, 2016

Snowfree is right..plan little by little. It may taje you 3.5 years, but start NOW because people told me it would get alot worse especially as they start to lose control of you...and it did. .. but then, it peaked , and now im on the diwnside of the mountain... to peace and joy and happiness replenishment. lusten to snowfree and start...NOW


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